Our mission statements reflect our commitment to become a successful and responsible organization, which includes:
To be a unique enterprise by creating new products.
To be unsurpassed in terms of quality and price.
To be valued and respected by our customers.
To have an innovative approach so as to withstand and defer the competition.
Supplier of specialty rubber components and services.

Timely Delivery

Quality Control & Production Our strategic location enables us to allow better movement of raw material and finished goods and to serve a wide market. The plants are easily accessible from the Railway Station, Air-Port.
We assure our clients of scheduled-delivery of orders. We adopt innovative approach and techniques like JIT, flexible production and a reliable supply chain network to ensure prompt delivery of orders within the stipulated time frame and as demanded by our customers.

Quality Control and Production

We, at Yazhini rubbers, are dedicated to produce superior quality products to offer maximum customer satisfaction. Our experienced team can produce products to match exact customer requirements and needs.
These products are rigorously tested third party reputed laboratories hardness, tensile strength, hot air, oil and fuel aging at prescribed temperatures and time as per the requirements.

Product Application Areas

Designed keeping in mind the special requirements of our clients, these products have found wide applications in varied manufacturing industries. Some of the industries served by us include automobiles, hydraulics and pneumatic system, extreme high temperature applications, chemical and fluid resistance areas, specific application areas, Maintenance applications, OEM and Home appliances.
Some of our specialties, which make us a preferred business partner for our clients, are:
High quality standards.
A design solution to a design problem.
Competitive prices.